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Account Engagement Development Checklist: Emails and Landing Pages

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What's inside?

Whether you’re well-versed about what it takes to develop top-notch Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) emails and landing pages, or you’re just getting started, having a comprehensive checklist nearby is a handy resource to help keep you on track.


Our Best Practices for Development: Account Engagement Landing Pages & Emails Checklist is designed to clearly and explicitly outline everything you need to keep in mind when creating your emails or landing pages – just in case you forget or need a refresher!

Here’s a brief overview of what’s on the checklist:

  • Developing landing pages in Account Engagement
    • A guide to whether or not you should use Landing Page Builder or custom code
    • Landing page best practice tips
      • Messaging
      • Design
      • Forms
  • Developing emails in Account Engagement
    • A guide to whether or not you should use Landing Page Builder or custom code
    • Email best practice tips
      • Components of an email
      • Design
      • Images
      • Links
      • Bulletproof Points
      • Locking down sections
      • Testing

It’s hard to beat ticking things off a list to feel more accomplished with your day, isn’t it?

Fill out the form to get your copy, then print out and stick to the office wall, or save to your desktop.

PS - If you’d like a more comprehensive guide on landing pages and emails, download our free Developing Best Practices eBook here which will tell you everything you need to know!

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