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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Emails & Landing Pages: Best Practices

A  guide on how to develop MC Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) landing pages and emails.

When it comes to nurturing leads and winning conversions, you want to create emails and landing pages that are responsive, engaging, and optimised for your audience.


To help you develop emails and landing pages as seamlessly and effectively as possible, we’ve put together a free eBook to act as your go-to guide when you need it.


Take a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside the eBook:


  • Introduction
  • Developing landing pages in Account engagement
    • Landing Page Builder vs custom code
    • Best practices
      • Messaging
      • Responsive
      • Design
      • Forms
  • Developing emails in Account Engagement
    • Email Builder vs custom code
    • Best practices
      • Components of an email send
      • Responsive vs stacked
      • Design
      • Images
      • Links
      • Dark mode
      • Locking down sections
      • Testing
      • GDPR compliance
  • Where to buy Account Engagement templates
  • Account Engagement templates library


By having an easy-to-read and accessible guide to email and landing page best practices at your fingertips, you can feel confident that your marketing assets will be on the right track.

Ready to get stuck in? Download your copy of the eBook by completing the form on this page.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation Studio vs Journey Builder eBook



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